Working Together

QPS collaborates and engages to combine our energy efficiency expertise with community skills and knowledge to best support each community’s specific needs and goals.

Using the Numbers

QPS uses actual dollars spent and kilowatt-hours of energy used to build plans and initiatives that measurably reduce energy usage, save communities and utilities money, and meet funding criteria and standards.

Making Connections

QPS works with communities to create realistic, flexible, customized plans, programs and initiatives that meet their unique needs and offer clear, concrete information they can use in their everyday lives.

Building Capacity

QPS trains and educates community members, maintenance teams and leadership at every stage to build skills and knowledge, promote autonomy and keep money and jobs in communities.

Learn about QPS’ energy conservation program for Lower Mainland South Asian and Chinese communities, Empower Me®

Saving Energy in Communities Across B.C.


Quality Program Services has worked with more than 80 First Nation communities and over 5,000 low-income families throughout B.C.

</p> <p>“QPS finds a way to involve all interested people so that each can contribute to moving projects forward, regardless of capacity and confidence. Even in mixed groups that involve youth and elders, First Nations community members and outside professionals or business people. Everyone feels included and recognized.”</p> <p>
Mark SelmanDirector, Executive MBA in Aboriginal Business and Leadership at Simon Fraser University
Mark Selman
</p> <p>“Areef is able to motivate people and help them see their own potential and futures, a critical component of any sustainable community development.”</p> <p>
Alixe Knighton
Alixe Knighton
</p> <p>“QPS is always looking for new approaches that build on existing ways of doing things but permit opportunities for individual growth and initiative. Areef has come up with a number of innovative solutions to help communities face their challenges in a constructive manner and seems to have an instinct for finding a food path forward.”</p> <p>
Dr. Michelle Corfieldformer Vice President, Nuu‐chah‐nulth Tribal Council
Dr. Michelle Corfield

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