What is Empower Me®?

Empower Me® is an in-language energy conservation program designed for members of the South Asian and Chinese communities in the Lower Mainland who are interested in creating a safer and more comfortable home for their families while reducing energy bills. Energy Mentors–trained energy experts– deliver in-language, home-specific energy saving tips and advice while visiting your home. They provide customized energy savings plans and discuss your potential energy saving opportunities as well as current rebates available to you.

The program is designed and delivered by Quality Program Services Inc., and sponsored by FortisBC, BC Hydro, City of Surrey, Kambo Green Solutions, City of Vancouver, and Vancity Credit Union.

Empower Me® is currently available in the following languages: Punjabi, Gujrati, Cantonese, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hindi, Urdu, Kannada, Marathi.

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什麼是Empower Me®

Empower Me®是一項獨特的節能計劃,提供給有意創造一個更安全,更舒適的家,同時減少水電賬單,住在低陸平原來自南亞和中國的移民。節能大使- 專業訓練人員 -在檢視住家後以你熟悉的語言提供各種節能妙方與建議。他們會提供一項專屬的節能計畫,各種節能的補助,以及可能的節能方式。此計畫是由 Quality Program Services Inc.設計,並由FortisBC, BC Hydro, City of Surrey, Kambo Green Solutions, City of Vancouver, 和 Vancity Credit Union贊助。

Empower Me®目前提供以下語言服務:旁遮普語,古吉拉特语,粵語,國語,台語,印地語,烏爾都語,卡納達語,馬拉地語。


什么是Empower Me®

Empower Me®是一項獨特的節能計劃,提供給有意創造一個更安全,更舒適的家,同時減少水電賬單,住在低陸平原來自南亞和中國的移民。節能大使-专业训练人员-在檢視住家後以你熟悉的語言提供各種節能妙方與建議。他們會提供一項專屬的節能計畫,各種節能的補助,以及可能的節能方式。此計畫是Quality Program Services Inc.设计,并由FortisBC, BC Hydro, City of Surrey, Kambo Green Solutions, City of Vancouver, 和 Vancity Credit Union赞助。

Empower Me®目前提供以下語言服務:旁遮普語,古吉拉特语,粵語,國語,台語,印地語,烏爾都語,卡納達語,馬拉地語。


Energy Champions

People who participate in the Empower Me program become Energy Champions.

Energy Champions receive at NO COST:

  • An in-home visit from an Empower Me Mentor
  • A kit full of energy saving products
  • A long-term energy saving plan, customized to their home and needs
  • Assistance to take advantage of grants, rebates, and other programs

Become an Energy Champion in your community!

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參與“Empower Me”計劃即可成為節能智多星。


  • 節能大使到訪府上
  • 按家居情況及實際需要度身訂造的節能計劃
  • 節能回贈、撥款、及其它補助計劃的協助



参与Empower Me计划即可成为节能智多星。


  • 节能大使到访府上
  • 依据情况及实际需要度身订造的节能计划
  • 帮忙申请各种节能补助,拨款,及其它补助计划


Become an Energy Champion!

Empower Me is currently only available in the following languages: Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Kannada, Gujrati, Marathi, Cantonese, Mandarin, Taiwanese. Please fill out the following form, and we'll be in touch.

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2014 – Empower Me was the winner of the North American Energy Service Professional’s Energy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Residential Program Design and Implementation

2013 – Empower Me won the Surrey Board of Trade’s Environment and Business Award


For more information on Empower Me, contact us at empowerme@qualityprogramservices.ca or call 604.598.8428.